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Ultimatum Recovery Provides professional recovery services. Our company is based out of Wichita, Kansas. We provide quality and affordable services throughout the state of Kansas and Oklahoma. We will extend our coverage area if needed at an affordable rate. We are backed by 10 years of experience in the repossession industry. Our staff is committed to serving you in a professional and efficient manner

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As a lending institution, we realize your need for quality recovery services. It is extremely important in todays’ economy for a creditor to have a reliable recovery team they can trust. Ultimatum Recovery can guarantee that we will handle your accounts in a timely and efficient manner, while treating your clients with the up-most respect.


Ultimatum Recovery is capable of recovering any collateral that our customer needs. Our team works extremely hard to ensure and guarantee your complete satisfaction. We will strive to earn your trust and continually exceed your expectations. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

(405) 664-4537  or ultimatumrecovery@gmail.com




Areas Of Expertise/ Experience:

Ultimatum Recovery has well over 10 years experience in the investigation, collections and repossession of various types of collateral such as personal vehicles, antique vehicles, semi trucks, RV, boats, ATV and various other types of collateral.

We are proficient in RDN, Ibeam, DRN, and Clear. We have a dedicated skip team that has about an 82% success rate in finding the potential charge-offs. They are able to run extensive background checks, and utilize specific techniques and skills that assist in finding the debtors.

Ultimatum Recovery is here for you when-ever you need us! We are dedicated to the needs of our customers. We’ll go where the other repo companies wont! We encourage you to contact us for all of your repossession needs.  Ultimatum Recovery carries a policy of over 2 million dollars. We are licenced, bonded and insured to put our clients at ease that they are fully covered